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Accent (K-16817IN-SS-RGD)
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Brand: Kohler
Kohler NXT flushing platform for 360 degree cleaningGerm Shield™ Technology, both bowl and seat have long lasting protection from Bacteria, Fungi, Yeast, Virus & other microorganism.Coming soon integrated LED nightlight provides enough light to see the toilet without disrupting nighttime vision ..
₹50,000.00 ₹82,020.00
Ex Tax:₹50,000.00
Brand: Kohler
Skirted bowl designClass 5 single flushing system (4.2L)American design to match with bathroom design styleCompatible with C3 bidet seatsS trap: 305mm..
Ex Tax:₹19,610.00
Brand: Kohler
•Front and rear wash modes provide warm water for cleansing.•Adjustable water temperature and water pressure.•Heated seat with adjustable temperature settings.•Hybrid heater provides continuously heated water for consistent comfort•Heated seat with five temperature settings•Stainless steel wand with..
Ex Tax:₹52,990.00
Brand: Kohler
• In-line heater provides continuously heated water for consistent comfort.• Adjustable water temperature and water pressure.• Touchscreen remote control with two programmable user presets.• Stainless steel wand with UV-light self-sanitization.• Heated seat with five temperature settings.• LED light..
Ex Tax:₹110,500.00
Brand: Kohler
S-trap waste pipe for elongated two-piece toilets..
Ex Tax:₹2,272.00
Brand: Kohler
mooth European design with Fully skirted trapwayProtection against widest variety of potential microorganismsThe glaze contains Silver Ions along with special composite material which ensures that microbes cannot survive on the surface of the toilet.It is not a coating on top of the toilet which can..
Ex Tax:₹60,500.00
Brand: Kohler
FEATURESLarge size for superior washing experienceGreater depth to avoid splashOverflow hole for safetyDimension : Length : 600 mm Width : 410 mm Height: 179 mm Depth: 127 mm..
Ex Tax:₹27,500.00
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