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Ozone Digital Lock For Wooden Doors

All the digital door locks manufactured by Ozone have a semiconductor fingerprint sensor that can identify biological characteristics and a universal handle for placement in any orientation. Additional features include access via an RIFD card, a password, an emergency key, and a fingerprint.

Front Panel Size: 335*70*20mm

  • Back Panel Size: 335*70*20mm
  • Weight: 4KG
  • Access Modes: Fingerprint, Password, Card, Mechanical key
  • Color Options: Black
  • Compatible Door Type: Wooden door
  • Working Voltage: 6V/8x (AAA Batteries)
  • Door Thickness: 35-60mm
  • Storage Capacity: 1000 RFID card + Password, 200 Fingerprints
  • Semiconductor fingerprint sensor(508dpi) – Can identify biological characteristics, only identify living body, high safety, small size, low power consumption, high accuracy
  • Passage mode function: Passage Mode enables manual locking in areas which does not require locking every time it is accessed, so that the door does not get locked every time it shuts and gives the User the convenience of physically locking the door when required
  • Universal handle: Can be conveniently placed on both left and right side depending on the direction of the opening side of the door. Strong, easy grip metallic handle for simple maneuvering
  • LCD screen display Date & Time, User ID access & User unlock records
  • Auto locking time setting function
  • Privacy locking
  • Anti-theft Password
  • Auto secure & break-in alarm: Audio alarm alert in case of break-in or unapproved/tamper attempt to engage with the lock
  • Smart freeze: The lock automatically freezes after 4 consecutive wrong Password attempts
  • Emergency power supply through USB:  External Battery Power Backup option, in case the battery runs out
  • Voice guided operation
  • Dual combination mode
  • Volume setting function

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